March 28, 2006

Cthu - Who ???

Cthulhu; It is said the proper pronunciation is "Koo-Too-Loo"

Cthulhu's name is usually pronounced /ku'tu'hlu/, or /ku'thul'lu/, or /Chattanooga Choochoo/
however, according to Lovecraft, this may simply be the closest that human vocal cords can come to reproducing the syllables of an alien language. In fact, Lovecraft speculated that "Khlul'hloo" might be a better pronunciation.

or if you are feeling suicidal "cho-chee, cho-chee, chooo".

ahhh .... it's sooo cute!

(Many thanks to the original artist ; Hope Lynn Bryant)

Cthulhu Has Breakfast.


March 27, 2006

When The Stars Are Right.

Well I guess the stars are right ...

Hi I'm Cthulhu, I'm a Water Sign of course, hee hee .Which one? Oh it's "The Octopus",

not you wouldn't have heard of that one, totally different dimension my dear!
Well I'm very Deep, I like strolling through the cosmos and I just love knitting , all those extra arms you see, haha.
I guess I'm just looking for that someone special to share with and ... well rule the Universe with actually!!
So if you this you're that someone special, why not drop me a line or
simply sacrifice a virgin and drop down before me and worship me, haha. Cthulhu, Great Old One.

Insane in the Membrane.

The insane ramblings contained within this bizarre blog are the product of a diseased mind. The works are more disturbing, more unnerving, more twisted than anything ever recorded in the diabolical Necronomican. This is no more than a feeble excuse to place the foul and monstrous works of the author before the rest of humanity with the view to corrupt and deprave. These works should be therefore prohibited due to … taking the piss!”

The Mad Prophet Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred (Author of Al Azif / aka Book of the Dead / aka Necronomican).

March 25, 2006

make it go away!!!!

think I'll just sit here in the dark for a while ...

In His House At R'lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming

"Hey, turn the infernal light off!!!" ; Cthulhu, Great Old One

and then there was light

ha, found the light switch!

I didn't like what I saw ... so turned the light off again.

and darkness covered the blog

what with all this darkness I knocked my knee on what I think was a sofa ... it's bloody chaos around here all right!

Well I think it was a sofa but sofa's don't have tenticles do they??

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was chaos

and darkness covered the blog

and lo I had no idea what I was doing

... that's like cos it was dark!