May 22, 2010

Cthulhu Sacrifice

Bloody Great Party Crasher . . . literally!
only went and put He's/It's huge overgrown paw through the temple roof!

I distracted that Big Old C. with a tasty titbit . . . literally!
... well that Godess of Infinate Suffering did go on a bit,
moan, moan, moan, she bloody well deserved it.

Bad Moon Rising

What's that coming over the hill?
Is it a Monster?

F*CK ME, yes it is!

Bad Omens (and I think the plughole is blocked!)

Woke one morning,
things didn't feel quite right,
strange smell coming from the bathroom
and I don't think it had anything to do with the vindaloo
that Infinite Suffering had the night before.

Anyway that tingling nasel sensation kinda told me I should be moving on.

Goddess of Infinite Fruity Goodness!

(yea, not sure about that one but hey, you should see her peel an orange!)

Goddess of Infinite Darkness

Goddess of Infinite Pain

Goddess of Infinite Suffering

Goddess of Infinite innocence

May 06, 2010

Temple of Lovulontime

Oh WHAT a night, what a long long night.

But all good things come to an end
and as I was making my excuses,
about to leave the temple,
a few of Infinite Pleasures girlfriends walk in!

Well, I couldn't just walk out at that point,
it would have been rude.

So I stayed . . . for a couple more years!

Her friends? Oh yes, Please allow me to introduce to you . . .